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Newborn Sleep Education and support 

Don't just survive the newborn stage- ENJOY IT!

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  • ​Your new baby (0-15 weeks) is sleeping in your arms and won't sleep anywhere else. 
  • ​You want to avoid survival mode in the newborn stage and enjoy it confidently.
  • ​You're expecting and want to know someone is there to hold your hand and walk with you through your new babies sleep needs.​
  • ​You want to avoid being a sleep deprived parent.
  • ​You just want to talk to someone who cares, understands and can help you navigate baby's sleep needs. 

You'll learn how to establish healthy sleep habits starting from the first days so you can avoid sleep challenges as your sweet babe gets older. My newborn consulting plans focus on proactive education, not sleep training.

If you're a new parent you might have these questions...

How much should my new baby sleep?
What should a schedule look like for my newborn?
Should they even be on a schedule this soon?
How many naps should my baby take in a day?
What do I do if they are upset and won't fall asleep?
How do I make sure my baby is safe while they are sleeping?

Answers your questions

My newborn consulting package includes answers to all these questions and more.

You will have a better understanding of what is normal for newborn sleep.

You'll learn how to keep your newborn safe while they sleep.

And you'll learn how to avoid the most common sleep associations to set them up for great sleep as they get older. 

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Newborn Sleep Support Package

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Because your baby is so young, I don't recommend sleep training, but I do recommend laying the foundations for great sleep later on. 
After you purchase, you'll get a welcome email with a link to book your first consultation call and all the details.

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After we talk, I'll put together a customized sleep routine for you and your newborn that you can use as your road-map to better sleep. 
You'll get four 15-minute sleep support sessions to answer your questions and provide guidance and recommendations. You'll want to use these calls by the time your babe is 4 months old.

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You will have access to me through Voxer (a voice mail/texting system) for the 0-15 week newborn phase. I’ll respond to your Voxer messages within one business day (but usually much sooner). 
After we've worked together, I'll send you my Tips to Make Sleep Happen Packet. Topics include: nap transitions, travel tips, how to maintain successful naps as your child ages, and navigating the daylight savings time change.

Sound good?

Let's make sleep happen!

I want you to have the confidence to enjoy this short phase of your child's life and to support you on the journey to fuller sleep.

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No, this is not sleep training because your 0-15 week old is too young to be sleep trained. They still very much need mom or dad to help them into sleep at this young age. As they mature physically and developmentally at around 16 weeks, they will be ready to start sleep training. 
A quick word about crying. I'm never going to ask you to leave your newborn alone to cry because they are not capable of self soothing yet! Instead, what I will teach you is how to soothe and comfort them so they can start to develop some independent sleep. You'll learn how to  honor baby's awake windows and understanding his or her sleep needs so you have realistic expectations.  

Newborn Sleep Consulting Includes

  • ​Personalized support for you and your sweet babes specific needs.
  • ​Personalized sleep routine
  • ​Four 15-min phone or video calls to answer your questions and work through your struggles.​
  • ​Text/email support​ for the entire 0-15 week newborn period. 
  • ​Info on safe sleep.
  • Tips to Make Sleep Happen Packet.
  • ​Ongoing support as baby grows (optional add-on)
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Newborn babies have sleep patterns that are naturally erratic. During this time, flexibility, soothing and feeding on demand are your friends! It can be the most challenging and exhausting time for many families. But you don't have to do it alone! Sleep is possible. Lets chat!

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You will gain confidence and knowledge in all areas of your new babies sleep.

I know that every baby is different and expecting 12 hrs at 12 weeks just causes stress. You'll be successful when you know when your baby is tired and ready for a nap, how to get baby to sleep in the crib or bassinet, and how to handle night time wake ups and feeds

Instead of fumbling through this newborn phase, you'll have a routine for days and nights and clear expectations of your what your baby is capable of as they change and develop. 

I want you to have the confidence to enjoy this short phase of your child's life and to support you on the journey to fuller sleep. 

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Have questions before you commit? book a call so we can chat!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a schedule to follow?

This is not a schedule, but more of a routine to give your days some shape and flow. I'll be teaching you how to work with your babies natural wake windows to establish good feeds and appropriate sleep throughout the day and night.

Is this for breastfed babies too?

Yes! For sure!
Breastfed and bottle fed babies have the same sleep needs. We'll be focusing on how you can get better feeds while establishing healthy sleep. If you have specific questions about feeding in these early weeks, I urge you to find a local lactation consultant.

Will we be trying to get my baby sleeping through the night?

At this age we are not sleep training your baby or expecting a full night of sleep, because they just aren't ready yet developmentally.  Our main goals for this time are to
1. Understand your newborns sleep needs.
2. Establish that food is nourishment not for getting to sleep.
3. Lengthen sleep as baby grows and develops.

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Hi! I'm Naomi Shepler! Before my first son was born, I read a little bit about infant sleep and felt fairly confident...until he was born!
He wasn't like the book said at all. 12 weeks came and went and there was no 12 hrs of sleep at night!
I was frustrated and knew he needed better nighttime sleep, and so did I. That's when I learned about sleep consulting and everything changed! I gained the knowledge I needed to make changes and get him sleeping better. Even more, I had a new confidence as a mom and felt so much more prepared for all the growth and changes I knew we would experience in the next year.

I know the first 3 months can be rough and you wonder if you'll make it through. I want you to know if you are in the thick of it, things will get better and you will sleep again! With the tips and strategies I give you, you'll sleep sooner than most parents who go solo on sleep. Don't go solo on sleep! Get started on your journey to better sleep with your sweet babe today!

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"I want you to know if you're in the thick of it, things will get better and you will sleep again!"

"I had a new confidence as a mom and felt so much more prepared for all the growth and changes I knew we would experience in the next year."

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