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3-5 Years old

All the details about my preschool age sleep training coaching program will be added soon!
Untill then...
Please contact me if your interested in working with me to solve your preschoolers sleep issues. 
I work with newborn-5 years old!

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"Thrive With Your Newborn" Guide

This guide gives you basics of how to start your newborn on a routine that helps to eliminate over tiredness, sets you up for longer night time stretches, and separates day from night.


Troubleshoot Night Wakings Guide

If your baby is 6+ months and wakes up, crying or comes into your bed at night, grab this free guide. Find the root cause of night-time wake-ups and what you can do to get the whole house sleeping straight through till morning.

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Toddler Bedtime Flip Chart

Toddlers thrive with clear and consistent structure. An interactive bedtime chart can help them stay on task and be excited about bedtime. Download this bedtime chart to use at bedtime tonight!

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Hey, I'm Naomi!

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant and mama to 3 wild little boys, I get it. I've spent time researching, learning the strategies and cutting through the noise online so you don't have to.