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An exclusive FREE bedtime chart to help you confidently take on your toddlers bedtime routine.

"Interactive Bedtime Routine Chart"


Toddlers thrive with clear and consistent structure. An interactive bedtime chart can help them stay on task and be excited about bedtime. Download this bedtime chart to use at bedtime tonight!

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  • Benefit: Get your energetic toddler involved in bedtime to set the stage for a good night of sleep. 
  • Feature: 2 charts feature the same steps but different formats. One chart has boxes to check off and the other can be cut and the flaps folded over as you go through the routine.
  • How to use: I suggest printing them off and laminating them or you could place it inside of a clear 3 ring binder sleeve.
  • ​You can use dry erase markers to check off the squares or fold the flap over on the flip chart.
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Download my FREE chart today!

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